Mission Statement

Jewel K. Goode. Loire Valley, France: Saumur Château

As a Global Communications Specialist, Writer, Art Curator, and Photographer with an extensive international academic career, it was a natural progression to understand the profound interrelationship between language, art, culture, and society, and then to find a way to merge those interests in a cohesive way. Art should be the embodiment of many things, and it is necessarily subjective. Each individual has a unique perspective of the world which affects their particular viewing experience.

Thoughtful, fun, informative, and intuitive are just a few examples of art’s implied or unintentional purposes. Therefore, the powerful emotions that it evokes are as multifaceted and as complex as the artwork itself. Thus, the ultimate goal is to initiate provocative discussions in order to encourage thoughtful expression, stimulate creativity, and provide invaluable learning opportunities.  By exploring the historical and political significance of various socio-cultural traditions, I hope to promote a deeper understanding of art, photography, architecture, design, and fashion.

Educational outreach opportunities incorporating art and interactive, digital communication into academic curricula provide invaluable opportunities to educate others. Compelling Reflection blogs (N.1, N.2 N.3, and N.4), the Silk Roads Series (N.1, N.2, N.3, N.4, and N.5), and Newsletters will be accompanied by photographic essays, brief informational texts, and critiques. This is essential, since active participation, extensive research, and art analyses are necessary components for effective curatorial procedure. Interviews with art world professionals, including museum directors, curators, gallery owners, and independent artists will be conducted, when possible. Lastly, I am pleased to announce that the publication of my PARIS  photo book is now available for purchase.  Find it on Amazon and in the Apple iBookstore.

Jewel Kismet Designs continues to flourish, thanks to increased visibility through various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thoroughly embracing these innovative approaches allows art to be discovered from a fresh, modern perspective. When used wisely, social media can be a powerful tool. Interesting discussions regarding art historical trends, museums and gallery exhibitions, cultural events, and related activities can be more easily initiated. It is my hope that active engagement with an international audience not only increases visual arts access to the general public, but also enriches the lives of the globalized community.

Thank you for your support.


Jewel K. Goode.  Global Communications Specialist, Writer, Art Curator, and Photographer

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